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This section contains the ceFIMS-CONNECT public reports, including deliverable reports, and other types of documents of interest.

Guidelines and recommendation reports

  • ceFIMS-CONNECT FIWARE Accelerators promotion recommendations 
    Report based on ceFIMS-CONNECT partner’s experience extracted from different events and actions related to FIWARE and organized mainly in Spain and Poland. Report documents lessons learned and recommendations for the Member States and Associated Countries in order to improve the impact of their own events, workshops or actions and help to make the most of the FIWARE acceleration programme.
  • Guildelines for Gathering information on Future Internet Research & Innovation structures at the national level . This summary outlines work being carried out in Work package 3 related to finding a standardised way of gathering data from each of the Member States and Associated Countries in terms of their diverse and heterogeneous Future Internet Research & Innovation national funding structures for projects and initiatives.



In December, 2014, ceFIMS-CONNECT launched its first version of a dedicated publication entitled FIF Monitor, where the FIF members could highlight events, projects, initiatives, best practices, etc. related to Future Internet activities in their countries. The Member State highlighted in the first FIF Monitor was Hungary, which can be found below.

Due to the popularity of the concept and following our call for success stories and receipt of many entries from FIF as well as stakeholders from National and EU Research & Innovation communities in both FI and 5G, the project has decided to extend the Monitor concept to include three different types of Monitors, including the following:

  • FIF Monitor – existing publication contributions from FIF members summarizing national FI and 5G developments, success stories, best practices;
  • FI Monitor – contributions from National and European projects or initiatives with special interest in the Future Internet (FI) domain;
  • 5G Monitor –contributions from all projects or initiatives (national and European) with special interest in the 5th generation mobile networks.

If you would like to publish an item via the ceFIMS-CONNECT Monitor, please use the template (.docx)  and email your article to: James Clarke: jclarke (at) tssg (dot) org (ceFIMS-CONNECT Project Coordinator) and  Adam Olszewski: cefims-connect (at) man (dot) Poznan (dot) pl (ceFIMS-CONNECT Dissemination Coordinator).

The following Monitors have been published:

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