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Future Internet Forum of Member States & Associated Countries

The progress towards a common Future Internet requires the mastering of core technological developments; better networking of knowledge, people, skills, and users within Europe; and taking account of Member States’ strengths and ambitions.

There is a great opportunity to use European-level initiatives to leverage the application and deployment dimension of the Future Internet, whilst further investigating the possibility of putting in place federating instruments such as ERA-NET, Public-Private Partnerships, and Knowledge and Innovation Communities of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

During the ICT 2008 Event in Lyon, the National ICT Directors asked the Commission to create a “Future Internet Forum” (FIF) to allow Members and Associated States to share best practices and experiences, overcome fragmentation of efforts and to look for synergies across the programmes and initiatives funded at the national and EU Levels.

The FIF kick-off meeting took place in Prague on 12 May 2009 in the context of the Future Internet Assembly. With 20 countries around the table, the first steps for building a common European strategy on Future Internet have been successfully taken.




FIF Events

Fourteenth FIF meeting

20-22nd October, 2015; Lisbon, Portugal; The 14th meeting of the Future Internet Forum (FIF) of Member States and Associated Countries (MS / AC) was held in parallel with ICT 2015 Innovate, Connect, Transform in Lisbon, Portugal during 20-22nd October, 2015. News item

Thirteenth FIF meeting

25-26th March, 2015; Brussels, Belgium; The 13th meeting of the Future Internet Forum (FIF) of Member States and Associated Countries (MS / AC) was held in parallel with Net Futures 2015: Born to Scale in Brussels, Belgium during 25-26th March, 2015. News item

Twelfth FIF meeting

21st October, 2014; Berlin, Germany; co-located with the 5G Global Conference organized by project Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for the Twenty-twenty Information Society (METIS) project discussing the FIWARE experiences and discussing the emerging 5G initiatives.  News item



1st July, 2014; Brussels, Belgium; see meeting News item


Eleventh FIF meeting

19th March, 2014; Athens, Greece; co-located with FIA Athens 2014; see FIF 2014 meeting News item


Tenth FIF meeting

9th May, 2013; Dublin, Ireland; co-located with FIA Dublin 2013


Ninth FIF meeting

26-27 September, 2012; Warsaw, Poland; co-located with ICT Proposers Day 2012


Eighth FIF meeting

11 May, 2012; Aalborg, Denmark; co-located with FIA Aalborg 2012


Seventh FIF meeting

25 October, 2011; Poznan, Poland; co-located with Future Internet Week


Sixth FIF meeting

18 May, 2011; Budapest, Hungary; co-located with Future Internet Week


Fifth FIF meeting

17 December, 2010; Ghent, Belgium; co-located with Future Internet Week


Fourth FIF meeting

30 September, 2010; Brussels, Belgium; back-to-back with the ICT2010 conference


Third FIF meeting

15 April 2010; Valencia, Spain; in parallel with the Spanish EU Presidency Conference From Economic Recovery to Sustainability”FIA Valencia


Second FIF meeting

23 – 24 November 2009; Stockholm, Sweden; in parallel with FIA Stockholm


Kick-off meeting

12 May 2009; Prague, Czech Republic; in parallel with FIA Prague


Workshops from the antecedent ceFIMS project

Workshops play a crucial role in ensuring the widest possible consultation in the ceFIMS roadmapping process. These workshops provide an opportunity for the Working Group and interested parties to discuss a range of issues related to Member State Future Internet initiatives.

The Working Group will meet in two European-level workshops during the project which will be supplemented by three smaller more-focused thematic workshops. These thematic workshops will be aligned with appropriate events and co-organised with other initiatives.

Three thematic workshops and two European-level workshop have taken place:

  1. EX-FI Workshop
  2. ETP Workshop
  3. Research Council Workshop (EU-level)
  4. MS Workshop
  5. Workshop with INFINITY (EU-level)


Deliverables from the antecedent ceFIMS project

The following are selected public deliverables produced by ceFIMS:


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