Coordinating European Future Internet Research


What kind of project is ceFIMS-CONNECT?

ceFIMS-CONNECT is a Coordination Action (CA) project funded by the European Commission’s Framework Programme 7. It is continuing the good work of the ceFIMS project and it aims to provide functional operational support to the European Future Internet Forum (FIF) of Member and Associated Countries. A CA project differs from the traditional research projects (CP Streps or IPs) as their main goal is coordinating and supporting activities – in the case of ceFIMS-CONNECT, the coordination and operational support of the FIF.

Where exactly does ceFIMS-CONNECT fall within the EU Commission’s research and innovation programme?

ceFIMS-CONNECT is a project within the domain of the FIRE [Future Internet Research and Experimentation] and is funded under the call 10 results of Framework Programme 7 (FP7)’s Objective 1.6 ‘New Paradigms and Experimental Facilities’. ceFIMS-CONNECT specifically falls under the portfolio of Directorate E, Net Futures, within the Unit E.4, Experimental Platforms within DG CONNECT (Communications Networks, Content and Technology). A brochure of all funded call 10 projects in FIRE can be found at

What is the main expected impact of the ceFIMS-CONNECT project?

Through its Secretariat to the EU FIF, ceFIMS-CONNECT will work closely with the European Commission and the FIF in the development of strategies for promoting greater alignment of Future Internet investment priorities at National and European levels. In addition, the ceFIMS-CONNECT project will support of the development of National FIF Chapters to ensure that national agencies involved in the funding of such facilities have greater visibility of activities in other EU countries and in the European framework to ensure more cost effect investments and sharing of information.

What is the FIF?

The FIF was conceived during the ICT 2008 Event in Lyon when the National ICT Directors asked the Commission to create a “Future Internet Forum” (FIF) to allow Members and Associated Countries to share best practices and experiences, overcome fragmentation of efforts and to look for synergies across the programmes and initiatives funded at the national and EU Levels.

The Future Internet Forum (FIF) is composed of representatives of the Member or Associated Countries’ initiatives and activities on the Future Internet. It consists of either high-level officials from the competent ministries, or experts from public or private institutions mandated specifically to represent national Future Internet (FI) initiatives.

The FIF is an informal group to allow Member and Associated Countries to: share knowledge, experience and best practices, identify key national actors, activities and institutions, devise common approaches and complementarities between the various frameworks.

The focus of the FIF is on R&D and innovation policies related to the Future Internet. In this respect, its role and responsibilities are complementary to existing groups and forums such as the FP7 ICT Committee (ICTC), the FP7 IST Advisory Group (ISTAG), the CIP-PCP Committee, the i2010 High Level Group, etc, with which the FIF will strive to promote collaboration and regular exchange of information.

What kind of supports does ceFIMS-CONNECT give to the FIF?

ceFIMS-CONNECT will support the European Future Internet Forum (FIF) by providing a secretariat to the forum and supporting the activities of the FIF through the process of transition into Horizon 2020 and the new 5G PPP. It will support Member State and Associate Countries’ Future Internet initiatives and the National FI Chapters by facilitating the collection and sharing of information on FI initiatives, strategies and priorities. This will be accomplished by establishing mechanisms for exchange of experiences, best practices and for identifying common challenges and cooperation opportunities. It will also undertake targeted dissemination activities to Member States and Associated Countries in cooperation with other FIRE projects.

Why is there a need for a project like ceFIMS-CONNECT?

Developing new Future Internet (FI) technologies is vital for achieving future economic growth and ensuring continual social progress. FI technologies can achieve efficiencies and improve quality of life in vast array of areas from improving transport through Smart ecosystems of transport users and providers, to using Internet of Things technologies to devise cheaper, greener energy supply systems.

Research is being conducted in such areas across Europe. However, if researchers are allowed to remain isolated and fragmented, then Europe is missing out on the opportunity to identify synergies between researchers in similar areas and meshing national research strategies so that each country contributes in the most efficient way to developing Future Internet across Europe. As a result, the Future Internet Forum (FIF) was established by the European Commission to bring researchers and funding agencies together.

ceFIMS-CONNECT was established as the Coordinated Action (CA) programme for the support of the FIF. Within the EU, the CA mechanisms are available for coordination and support activities that are necessary to plan, organise and implement the required events and actions. Otherwise, the supported initiatives and groupings generally don’t have the resources or capacity available to facilitate the larger scale support activities that are required to be successful.

Are there projects similar to the ceFIMS-CONNECT project?

Within the EU, there is no similar project dealing directly with the coordination and support activities of the FIF. There are indeed a number of other Coordination and Support Action projects for FIRE, but they are dealing with different areas of interest such as EU-China cooperation in FIRE, creating markets and sustainability models for FIRE activities, and bringing FIRE to the SME communities as testing facilities.

Does ceFIMS-CONNECT organise events for the research and innovation (R&I) community?

The organisation of events is not an objective of the ceFIMS-CONNECT project. There are Coordination and Support Action projects specifically involved with these types of activities (see aforementioned FIRE projects brochure). Instead, ceFIMS-CONNECT concentrates primarily on supporting the European Commission in organising events specifically related to the FIF and its members. Moreover, ceFIMS-CONNECT will support particular local, regional or national FI events (including those organised by other relevant FIRE projects, through raising awareness about them in the relevant FI communities. However, due to budgetary constraints, financial support is out of the scope of the project and it is expected that funding for the organisational and external aspects of the events (venue, travel, etc.) will have to be provided by the organizer e.g. the relevant National Funding agencies.

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