Coordinating European Future Internet Research


The ceFIMS-CONNECT project has developed a FIF repository database (FIF RDB), which contains information provided by the FIF members on Future Internet Research and Innovation (FI R&I) structures and their funded projects in European Member States & Associated Countries (MS/AC).

The FIF RDB has been designed to capture both nationally (e.g. MS/AC) and internationally funded (e.g. EU funded) FI R&I projects, with information provided about the government departments and funding agencies for each project culminating with details about the individual projects and their participants.

Please note that this public version of the FIF RDB will only contain relevant public projects on Future Internet R&I as provided by the FIF members, and is not an exhaustive list of projects in each country, as there might also be private projects included in the FIF RDB not included here.

We are continuously updating this database. If you would like your organisation, project or initiative included, or if you have any feedback on the featured database’s content, please email Jim Clarke: jclarke (at)

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