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5G-PPP @ Mobile Wireless Congress 2017, 28th February, 2017

Don’t miss the “5G Action Plan: from Research to Trials” Media & Analyst event that will take place in Barcelona at the Mobil World Congress 2017 on the 28th February at 14h in Room 1 of the Media Village at MWC 2017.

Registration for FREE is now open at:

EuCNC 2017: Calls for Papers and Proposals

EuCNC 2017 will be held in Oulu, Finland, from 12th to 15th June, 2017.

This is the 26th edition of a successful series of technical conferences in the field of telecommunications, sponsored by the European Commission, IEEE ComSoc, and EURASIP.

EnCNC targets to bring together researchers from all over the world to present their latest research results, being one of the main venues for showcasing, demonstrating and trialling the results of research projects, especially, from successive European R&D programmes co-financed by the European Commission.

All the information is available at, and Twitter account (@EuCNC) or Facebook ( for updates.

The conference will include:

— regular sessions with papers from the open call (to be submitted to IEEE Xplore), the call being at available at;

— workshops, the call being at available at;

— special sessions, the call being at available at;

— poster sessions, the call being at available at;

— tutorials, the call being at available at;

— panels;

— keynote talks;

— demos and exhibitions, the call being at available at

You are invited to submit a paper to the conference, as well as proposals for workshops, special sessions and tutorials, by 6th February 2017.


A new version of the European 5G Annual Journal has just been released!

A new version of the European 5G Annual Journal has just been released!

Compared to previous (July 2016) edition, it includes fresh contributions and innovations from the 5G PPP projects.

It highlights and disseminates European achievements in the context of global progress in the 5G PPP domain.

Do not miss it – download it HERE!

FIRE FORUM 27th September, 2016 – co-located with the ICT Proposers’ day on 26-27th Sept. 2016 in Bratislava, Registration is OPEN!

Join the 4th FIRE Forum with top-notch experts and representatives coming from several domains, including the IoT/AIOTI, the 5G PPP, the Creative Industry and the CAPSSI communities.

Specific focus on this year will be large scale experimentation on 5G and IoT together with related FIRE Open Calls.

For easy access, the FIRE Forum 2016 is co-located with the ICT Proposers’ day 2016, as part of Digital Week (#DigitalWeek) in Bratislava, Slovakia.

More informationon the FIRE Forum 2016 can be found here.

Registration at FIRE Forum 2016 is free and available here.

Commissioner OETTINGER welcomes 5G Manifesto

On 7th Jul, 2016, Commissioner Oettinger welcomed the 5G Manifesto presented by key players in the telecoms industry and sectors which will use 5G technologies and services in the future. The manifesto is a valuable input for the 5G Action Plan that will be presented in September, together with the proposal for the review of the telecom regulatory framework.

For more information, please visit here.

The 3rd ceFIMS-CONNECT Newsletter is now available!

The 3rd ceFIMS-CONNECT Newsletter is now available at:

In the 3rd ceFIMS-CONNECT Newsletter, you can find an update on the ceFIMS-CONNECT repository database development and ongoing Future Internet and 5G related developments in Austria,  Hungary, Ireland, Malta, Poland, Portugal and Spain. Moreover, it presents a summary of the latest FIRE workshops and FIRE+ extension with new projects, FIWARE initiatives for boosting FIWARE usage beyond the FI-PPP programme, and first phase projects of the 5G-PPP. Finally, the newsletter highlights the upcoming events including the upcoming ICT 2015 conference, where the 14th FIF meeting will be held also.



Below, we highlight the news received from Member States via the ceFIMS-CONNECT Monitor service. A big thank you to those who shared posts with us.

Austria: Austrian Iot Day 2015 And IctProfiles Service

Following the great success of the European Internet of Things Conference Global IoT Day Event in Vienna, on 04.11.2015 “The Austrian IoT Day 2015″ will take place on 04.11.2015. Also Austria promotes its free online service for partner search. Read more …

Ireland: FIWARE Mundus visit in SE Ireland

A meeting was held in Waterford, Ireland between the FIWARE Mundus programme representatives and interested representatives from South East Ireland, with the view to setting up an official FIWARE region in the South East of Ireland. Read more …

Hungary: Hungarian MTA-BME Future Internet Research Group

In the 2nd 5G Monitor, Vilmos Németh from Hungarian National Innovation Office summarizes the research works carried by MTA-BME Future Internet Research Group at Budapest University of Technology and Economics in the area of 5G. Read more …

Malta: MoU between Huawei and Maltese Government

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Maltese government research and develop technologies in the country. Read more …

Poland: PSNC to launch commercial FIWARE node

As a growing number of SMEs funded by A16 Accelerators are bringing FIWARE-based products to the market, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center has decided to launch a commercial FIWARE node, providing these companies with a highly reliable infrastructure and support. Read more …

Portugal: AIOTI mirror platform and FIWARE and H2020 event

The National Portuguese ICT Cluster – TICE.PT recently created the “Plataforma Espelho” (“Mirror Platform”) initiative, which aims to extend the contact od Portugal initiatives with European Technology Platforms in the area of ICT. Read more…

Spain: Future Internet and 5G initiatives

Following the previous year’s support activities to Future Internet in Spain, the Administration (mainly Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism) and the ICT industry (AMETIC – Spanish ICT industries association – through the Future Internet Spanish Technology Platform, es.INTERNET) have kept on providing information and encouraging national SMEs participating on FI-PPP as well as on national calls. Read more…


Spain: Digital Economy and Society Strategic Action

By Jesús Cañadas, National Innovation Office, Spain

The Ministry of Industry, through the Secretariat for Telecommunications and the Information Society, launches R&D&I national calls for projects in a yearly basis. Since 2009, these calls include topics regarding Future Internet, always in harmony with the European ICT priorities in FP7 and, more recently, H2020.

The Digital Economy and Society Strategic Action mobilized 200 M€ for 2015 call. It includes future internet related topics as well a specific line on 5G technology. Call was published on 20th May and closed last 18th June. Today, the call is under evaluation, but according to the submissions the topic on 5G has certainly arisen the interest of a number of proposals.

The Spanish R&D&i strategy regarding ICT has been in the same line than the European for years. This fact, together with the national Future Internet ecosystem organization, has become essential not only for the development of Future Internet project at national level, but also for the success of the Spanish entities in the European calls such as those in the framework of the FI-PPP. The bet for 5G has, again, the commitment of the Spanish Administration and industry.

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