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2nd FIWARE Summit registration is Open!

Registration for the 2nd FIWARE Summit, which is being held from 29th to 31st May, 2017, in Utrecht, is now Open!

You can register here, now:

Please, take into account that there are different type of tickets and you must select the one fits with your profile

As you may know, the web page of the event is also live. It offers valuable information and details about the next Summit:

  • The location.
  • The agenda, that will be updated continuously.
  • A hotel reservation platform: you can find a selected number of hotels, with special prices for the Summit attendees, and a useful booking and payment system.
  • The link to the event registration in Eventbrite.

Please find a flyer (Flyer_Register Now_LINK) that you may use, sending it to all your contacts, encouraging them to assist to the 2nd FIWARE Summit.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the FIWARE ecosystem in the 2nd FIWARE Summit, from 29th to 31st May, 2017 being held in Utrecht.

Net Futures 2017 conference – Programme is out!

The programme for the Net Futures 2017 conference (28 & 29 June 2017) is now on-line!
The theme of this year’s conferenceis “Internet, the economy and society in 2027″and it will focus on future policies to address emerging issues and trends, from the perspective of citizens, users and businesses.
With the mid-term review of the Digital Single Market strategy due to be published shortly, it is an excellent opportunity to reflect upon and sharpen the goals to be addressed by Europe.
The conference will offer diverse topics for debate and insight, and the occasion to reflect on current issues such as:
•       the industrial internet
•       the need for a free flow of data within Europe
•       legal ethical and social issues emerging within a software-defined world
•       the requirements of a Next Generation Internet
•       data protection issues in a world with huge amounts of data
•       mobile connectivity.
Net Futures 2017 is a dynamic forum for cutting edge conversation. Registration will open soon.
The discussion at Net Futures 2017 on Next Generation Internet will follow shortly after the Next Generation Internet Summit to be held in the European Parliament on 6 – 7 July. More details will follow on this event, for which a public consultation will be launched on 18 April (see
Stay tuned by following on @netfuturesEU #netfutures17


ceFIMS-CONNECT Newsletter of February, 2017 published

The 5th edition for February, 2017 Newsletter of the ceFIMS-CONNECT project has been published.

In this final ceFIMS-CONNECT Newsletter, you can find a summary of the first two H2020 Future Internet Forum of Member States and Associated Countries (H2020 FIF) meetings, an update on the ceFIMS-CONNECT repository database development and ongoing Future Internet and 5G related developments in a number of Member States and Associated Countries.

Moreover, it presents a summary of the latest NGI activities, Cloud Computing Consultation, IoT week, and FIWARE events and initiatives for boosting FIWARE usage beyond the FI-PPP programme.

Finally, the newsletter highlights a number of important upcoming events including the IoT Week, Net Futures 2017 conference, amongst many others.

The online version can be found here.

If you prefer the PDF version, it can be found here.


ISWCS 2017 – 14th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems August 28-31, 2017, Bologna, Italy

ISWCS 2017 – 14th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems, August 28-31, 2017, Bologna, Italy


Submission Deadlines:

  • WORKSHOP PROPOSALS: March 3, 2017
  • REGULAR PAPERS: April 7, 2017
  • TUTORIALS: April 14,2017


ISWCS 2017 is technically sponsored by IEEE ComSoc

** Scope**

The aim of this symposium is to provide a forum for researchers and technologists to present new ideas and contributions in the form of technical papers, panel discussions, as well as real-world evaluation in the field of wireless communications, networking and signal processing. This 14th symposium will bring together various wireless communication systems developers to discuss the current status, technical challenges, standards, fundamental issues, and future services and applications. ​

Special Sessions, Workshops, Papers, Tutorials are invited in the following Tracks:

Track1 – Communication Theory, Signal Processing, Information Theory, Antennas and Propagation

Track2 – Networks, Protocols, Internet of Things, Services and Applications

** Topics of Interest **


** TPC Chairs **


Marco Chiani, University of Bologna, IT


Carlos Faouzi Bader, CentraleSupelec (FR)

Gianluigi Liva, DLR (DE)

Klaus Moessner, Univ. of Surrey (UK)

Jordi Perez Romero, UPC (ES)

Special Sessions Chair:

Andrea Giorgetti, Univ. of Bologna (IT)


Workshops Chair:

Luis M. Correia, IST Univ. of Lisbon (PT)

Tutorials Chair:

Andrea Conti, Univ. of Ferrara (IT)


Roberto Verdone

ISWCS 2017 General Chair

RadioNetworks, DEI, Università di Bologna

Ph: +39 051 20 93817

Skype: rv.radionetworks


Get involved in FESTIVAL Call for Experimenters!

FESTIVAL Call for Experimenters is now open. Create your Experiments through FESTIVAL Portal!

FESTIVAL (FEderated interoperable SmarT ICT services deVelopment And testing pLatforms) project provides an homogeneous access to a federated testbed platform between Europe and Japan.

FESTIVAL partners developed an “Experimentation as a Service” model for testing added value services in different domains (city, building, health, public services, art/culture, etc.) with real-life physical testbed environments involving real end-users.

FESTIVAL Portal brings together these European and Japanese testbeds that allow access to various resources such as open data, Internet of Things (IoT), Infrastructure testbeds (IT) and living lab resources.

You are a scientist willing to test your algorithm on “real” resources? A technical expert wanting to get a proof of concept of your product? A student curious to put your IoT lessons into practice? Or an ingenious developer ready to try your latest work?

Get involved in FESTIVAL’s Open Call, become one Experimenter and access FESTIVAL Portal with easy-to-use APIs, and:

  • Access to a large set of testing facilities all in one place;
  • Gain time and money in preparing own testing environment;
  • Test and demonstrate smart solutions in real world;
  • Be part of a large and active community of experimenters and experts.

Click here and find out more about FESTIVAL Call for Experimenters!

We look forward to experimenting with you!

Best Regards,

Levent Gürgen, Project coordinator, CEA LETI

Morito Matsuoka, Project coordinator, Osaka University

PS. Remember also other on-going Open Calls ( and eWine Grand Challenge (

A final deadline extension on EuCNC 2017 is being granted until Friday this week, 24th. Feb. 2017

EuCNC is sponsored by the European Commission, IEEE ComSoc, and EURASIP, being held in Oulu, Finland, from 12th to 15th June 2017. 

All the information is available at, and you can always consult our Twitter account (@EuCNC) or Facebook ( for updates.

The conference will include:

— regular sessions with papers from the open call (to be submitted to IEEE Xplore), the call being available at;

— workshops, the call being available at;

— special sessions, the call being available at;

— poster sessions, the call being available at;

— tutorials, the call being available at;

— panels;

— keynote talks;

— demos and exhibitions, the call being available at

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions and proposals.

Best Regards,

Matti Latva-aho

Technical Program Chair, EuCNC 2017

Select for Cities and European Commission H2020: Call for Tenders Open for smart cities platforms

SELECT for Cities has officially launched its Request for Tenders to create a city-wide Internet-of-Everything platform for open innovation in Europe. Selected organisations will receive support and funding from EUR 36,000 to EUR 800,000 each.

Grants are funded by three cities – Antwerp,Copenhagen and Helsinki – with support from the European Commission Horizon 2020 programme.

Find all details in the SELECT for Cities Newsletter at: (longer web-link:

5G-PPP @ Mobile Wireless Congress 2017, 28th February, 2017

Don’t miss the “5G Action Plan: from Research to Trials” Media & Analyst event that will take place in Barcelona at the Mobil World Congress 2017 on the 28th February at 14h in Room 1 of the Media Village at MWC 2017.

Registration for FREE is now open at:

Public consultation on “Building the European data economy” – make your views heard

The European Commission recently published a document on “Building a European data economy”, see

This topic raises many concerns and opportunities, which need to be balanced.

The Commission would like to hear your point of view on what will touch on every business in the future.

The public consultation is open until 26 April 2017

SAVE THE DATE: Net Futures 2017 conference 28 and 29 June 2017

Please find a message below from Pearse O’Donohue, Acting Director, Future Networks, European Commission, DG CONNECT in relation to Net Futures 2017!

Dear Net Futures Community,
Net Futures conference will be back this year! After two very successful conferences in 2015 and 2016 we forge ahead in preparing an even better conference for 2017. Net Futures will take place in Brussels on 28 and 29 June 2017. This year’s theme is
“Internet, the economy and society in 2027″
With this we want to step back and critically ask questions such as ‘What will the future internet look like?’ Are we addressing the right issues, such as privacy, skills, human values, and how can we address them adequately?
The mid-term review of the Digital Single Market strategy is an ideal occasion to reflect on and reformulate the goals that Europe should address while entering a period where everything will be connected and every part of society and economy ‘internetised’.
This digital transformation is inescapable, but we need to ensure that it is positive for all.
We invite all Europeans who want to give these developments a voice. If you are an ICT or a non-ICT player from the public sector, a private organisation, or from academia and from the young and creative innovators community, Net Futures 2017 will be an event where you can meet and exchange ideas and concerns.
Looking forward to seeing you at Net Futures 2017!
Yours sincerely,
Pearse O’Donohue
Acting Director, Future Networks
European Commission, DG CONNECT


EuCNC 2017 has extended deadline until 20th Feb. 2017

The European Conference on Networks and Communications 2017 (EuCNC 2017) has extended the deadline for papers and workshops until 20th Feb. 2017.

EuCNC is sponsored by the European Commission, IEEE ComSoc, and EURASIP, being held in Oulu, Finland, from 12th to 15th June 2017.

All the information is available at, and you can always consult our Twitter account (@EuCNC) or Facebook ( for updates.

The conference will include:

The organisers are looking forward to receiving your submissions and proposals.

Best Regards,

Matti Latva-aho

Technical Program Chair, EuCNC 2017

FIWARE Open day, 7th of March, 2017 in Brussels

The FIWARE team, in partnership with the FIWARE Foundation, is organising an Open Day, that will be held in Brussels on the 7th of March 2017 at the European Commission Charlemagne building.

The half-day event will mark the beginning of the go-to-market for FIWARE and will be a good opportunity to debate with key stakeholders about the future of the FIWARE ecosystem based on the key achievements of the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership and its 5-year unique journey creating a new ecosystem for growth, business and jobs in Europe. The key achievements of the FI-PPP include the setting up of the FIWARE Open Source Foundation in Berlin, a growing FIWARE ecosystem and close integration of the PPP outcomes to national growth and innovation plans such as the Industry 4.0.

Furthermore, the Open Day will be a good occasion to explore the opportunities offered by open, standardised APIs for the development of the Digital Single Market and the European Industry 4.0.

For more information and registration please visit the event website and don’t forget to share with your colleagues and stakeholders who might be interested in this event.

We would appreciate if you would consider:

-             Sharing the open invitation liberally in whatever form you deem useful,

-             Inviting specific partners from industry and associations where you know will be interested, and,

-             Echoing the online advertisement (like or others, see via your media channels.

Best regards,

The FIWARE team

New RECOMMENDER feature added to the XiPi+ testbed repository enabling EaaS

Please find some information in relation to a new feature on the XiPi+ testbed.

A new feature called RECOMMENDER has been added to the XiPi+ testbed repository enabling EaaS.

In the context of the Next Generation Internet initiative (NGI), the XiPi+ testbed repository offers a new feature called RECOMMENDER for enabling Experimentation-as-a-Service (EaaS) functionality.

With that, XiPi+ provides a communication bridge between experimenters and infrastructure owners in order to create an interaction workflow between the two stakeholders to cover:

  • Searching an infrastructure; and
  • Setting up an experiment.

** Save Time, Efforts, Money – Start your NGI Experimentation with a right type of testbed TODAY! **

More information and details: (short link:

General Information:

XiPi+ testbed repository works like a marketplace for the Next Generation Internet (NGI) ecosystem bridging the gap between experimenters’ need and experimentation testbeds. It is an inventory of ICT infrastructures that, among its functionalities, offers:

  • Registration of new infrastructures and their description based on a general and extensible data model called Common Description Framework (CDF);
  • Management of owned infrastructures;
  • Search of infrastructures for a given experiment; and
  • Match infrastructures with experiments (recommender).

xipiClick on image to view in larger size

Info Session on ICT-41-2017: Next Generation Internet webinar on 25th January, 2017

25 January 2017 - Info Session on ICT-41-2017: Next Generation Internet - 
 A web-based info session for ICT-41 will take place on 25 January 2017 at 14:30 CET. The session will only be web-streamed, i.e you can follow it from your PC, no need to travel anywhere. If you want to participate, please click here  –> send EC a message.
This web-based info session gives you an introduction to the new Next Generation Internet Initiative, an overview of the topic and the objectives of the call. The session will only be web-streamed.

The call for support actions (objective ICT-41-2017) for the Next Generation Internet Initiative has been launched in December 2016. The total budget for this call is 2 Million EUR, submission deadline for proposals is 25 April 2017.



14:30 Introduction: The NGI initiative, idea behind and long term perspective

Peter Fatelnig, Deputy Head of Unit E3: Next Generation Internet

15:00 ICT-41-2017: Objectives of the call and practicalities + Q&A

Johanna Schepers, Project Officer, Unit E3: Next Generation Internet

15:30 Proposers’ time: presenting project ideas and looking for potential consortium members

Please send email to by clicking on the above email link by 18 January 2017 if you would like to present your idea.

16:00    End of the Info Session


The call has three objectives:

  1. Identification of research topics: Design, build and apply a methodology to identify continuously those key future technologies that will support an Internet model more open and more inclusive in 10 years from now.
  2. Dynamic and continuous consultation: Build an open, dynamic and continuous consultation process which engages all relevant stakeholders in a long-term and multi-disciplinary fashion.
  3. A programme shape for of a Next Generation Internet initiative: This initiative will mobilise the best researchers and focus on a continuous scouting of developments with the potential to change the way the Internet is operated, often by an opportunistic and multidisciplinary combination of advances.

For more information please check the Work Programme text and the Research Participant Portal.

News source: Net-it-Be Newsletter update – 16/01/2017


EuCNC 2017: Calls for Papers and Proposals

EuCNC 2017 will be held in Oulu, Finland, from 12th to 15th June, 2017.

This is the 26th edition of a successful series of technical conferences in the field of telecommunications, sponsored by the European Commission, IEEE ComSoc, and EURASIP.

EnCNC targets to bring together researchers from all over the world to present their latest research results, being one of the main venues for showcasing, demonstrating and trialling the results of research projects, especially, from successive European R&D programmes co-financed by the European Commission.

All the information is available at, and Twitter account (@EuCNC) or Facebook ( for updates.

The conference will include:

— regular sessions with papers from the open call (to be submitted to IEEE Xplore), the call being at available at;

— workshops, the call being at available at;

— special sessions, the call being at available at;

— poster sessions, the call being at available at;

— tutorials, the call being at available at;

— panels;

— keynote talks;

— demos and exhibitions, the call being at available at

You are invited to submit a paper to the conference, as well as proposals for workshops, special sessions and tutorials, by 6th February 2017.


FIWARE summit being held 13-15th December, 2016 in Malaga, Spain

The first FIWARE Summit will be held on 13-15th December, 2016 in Málaga, Spain.

The summit will kick-off a new stage for the FIWARE Open Community. It will gather developers, users, companies, cities, accelerators, researchers, public authorities and non-profit organizations in 3-day event.

At the FIWARE Summit, FIWARE contributors and partners will engage, meet each other, learn about the potential and promote the adoption of the FIWARE technology.

FIWARE is moving forward and going Global and partners from all around the globe, including Brazil, India, USA, Mexico and elsewhere will be in attendance at the Summit presenting their success stories.

Please visit the web site at for details on the agenda and registration.


Are you looking for FUNDING in Future Internet Research and Experimentation? Check on-going FIRE Open Calls

The Future Internet Research & Experimentation – FIRE – facility projects are building a variety of network experimentation infrastructures and tools with different technologies and characteristics. All of the facilities evolve in a demand-driven way – supported through Open Calls: for easier access, testing and extensions to the on-going FIRE projects.

On-going FIRE projects’ Open Calls and their technology areas:

  • TRIANGLE: 5G/IoT experiments and test-bed extensions. Deadline: 31/10/2016.
  • OrganiCity: Experiments to run in the three lead Smart Cities – Aarhus, London and Santander. Deadline: 15/11/2016 (extended).
  • MONROE: Mobile BroadBand (MBB) Experiments and Extensions. Deadline: 2/12/2016.
  • F-Interop: Testbed-as-a-Service – TaaS. Interconnecting three European testbeds federations (Fed4FIRE, OneLab, IoT Lab) to attract projects that develop innovative testing tools and test designs. Deadline: 25/01/2017.

** More information available at:

A new version of the European 5G Annual Journal has just been released!

A new version of the European 5G Annual Journal has just been released!

Compared to previous (July 2016) edition, it includes fresh contributions and innovations from the 5G PPP projects.

It highlights and disseminates European achievements in the context of global progress in the 5G PPP domain.

Do not miss it – download it HERE!

EU and its Eastern neighbours agree the way forward to a Digital Community

In the latest Digital Single Market newsletter, there is a news item in which Günther H. Oettinger, Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society and Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for the European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations co-hosted a ministerial level meeting on the Digital Community with the partners of the Eastern Partnership.

The full article can be found at

To sign up to receive newsletters, please go to:

H2020 information day on ICT research and innovation supporting the Creative Industries and Cultural Heritage

The Unit CONNECT G2: Data Applications and Creativity at the European Commission are organising an Information Day taking place on 17-18 November, 2016 in Luxembourg.

The event addresses applicants for two Horizon 2020 Calls in the fields of ICT research & innovation supporting the Creative Industries and Cultural Heritage:

• LEIT/ICT programme, topic: Tools for smart digital content in the creative industries, ICT-20-2017

• Societal Challenges programme, topic: European cultural heritage, access and analysis for a richer interpretation of the past, CULT-COOP-09-2017

The information day aims at helping participants to better understand the work programme and the criteria for the evaluation of proposals, to facilitate sharing of ideas and experiences, and to meet potential partners for project consortia.

More details and registration:

Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology

Unit CONNECT G2: Data Applications and Creativity

CAPSSI Community Workshop in Bratislava on 28th of September 2017. Still some places left!

The 1st CAPSSI Community Workshop will be held in Bratislava on 28th of September 2017.

The CAPSSI Community Workshop offers the opportunity to get in touch with CAPS initiatives, reach innovators and researchers in the field, enter in contact with potential users, investors, and policy-makers interested in adopting and promoting the CAPS concepts and outcomes within their local ecosystems.

The workshop will discuss common challenges and exchange experience gained so far with other active players in the community so as to identify collaboration opportunities.

A highly interactive workshop making use of participatory methods to be able to involve all participants as active contributors.

Registration is for free. Don’t miss the opportunity, only few places left!

Registration site available here.

SMEs Open Call / Federated Interoperable Semantic IoT Testbeds and Applications

The FIESTA‐IoT Project announces the 1st Open Call for Experimenters and Extensions. They are targeting advanced and innovative developments in the Internet of Things that leverage the Experimentation as a Service platform and the underlying IoT testbeds that are provided by the FIESTA‐IoT Consortium.

The call is targeted at innovative SMEs.

More information available at:

Consultation on Cloud Computing Research Innovation Challenges for WP 2018-2020

The European Commission (DG CONNECT, Unit “Cloud and Software”) is consulting all interested stakeholders on the future research and innovation challenges in the area of Cloud Computing to be addressed in the forthcoming H2020 LEIT ICT Work Programme 2018-2020.

All interested stakeholders (industry, research centres, academia, SMEs and users) are invited to contribute. The consultation will run from Monday, 5 September until Monday, 10 October 2016.

More information is available here.

See also : Previous consultation for H2020 Work Programme 2016-2017

This news item is from the Future Internet website. It is hosted by the Digital Agenda for Europe Newsroom.


FIRE Open Calls and FIRE Forum 2016

The Triangle project has just launched their 5G/IoT Open Call and the SoftFIRE project has extended their NFV/SDN/5G Open Call till 20 September, 2016!

Information on the Triangle project’s open call can be found at

Information on the extended SoftFIRE project’s call can be found at

OrganiCity (SmartCity networks) and F-Interop (IoT) also continue their Open Calls.
More information & summary of the on-going FIRE Open Calls at:

Remember also the FIRE Forum 2016 being held on Tuesday 27th September 2016, co-located with the ICT Proposers Day on 26-27th Sept. in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The registration is open at:!

Digital Single Market Newsletter – Weekly edition – 26/08/2016

The Digital Single Market Newsletter for the week ending 26/08/2016 is available here.

Articles include:

  • Five Days left to vote for Europe’s top digital innovators, read article;
  • High Level Group on maximizing the impact of EU Research and Innovation programmes – Call for expression of Interest, read article.

Calendar of events:

EVENTS — 28 – 29 September 2016 – Slovak National Theatre, Pribinova 17, SK-819 01 Bratislava Slovakia
The Digital Assembly 2016: Putting the Digital Single Market at the heart of Europe, read more



FIRE FORUM 27th September, 2016 – co-located with the ICT Proposers’ day on 26-27th Sept. 2016 in Bratislava, Registration is OPEN!

Join the 4th FIRE Forum with top-notch experts and representatives coming from several domains, including the IoT/AIOTI, the 5G PPP, the Creative Industry and the CAPSSI communities.

Specific focus on this year will be large scale experimentation on 5G and IoT together with related FIRE Open Calls.

For easy access, the FIRE Forum 2016 is co-located with the ICT Proposers’ day 2016, as part of Digital Week (#DigitalWeek) in Bratislava, Slovakia.

More informationon the FIRE Forum 2016 can be found here.

Registration at FIRE Forum 2016 is free and available here.

SAVE THE DATE: FIWARE Open Day in Brussels on 8th November, 2016

A FIWARE Open Day will be hosted in Brussels, November 8th, at which visitors and participants will have the opportunity to engage with the FIWARE community´s most relevant actors and main players from each vertical market and to learn about some of the now 1000+ projects, European SMEs and startups, developers and entrepreneurs deploying innovative products and solutions based on FIWARE.

For more information, please keep checking back here.

EuCNC2016: 5G from dawn towards deployment, by Mario Campolargo

Please visit the blogpost written by Mario Campolargo entitled “The Dawn of 5G”, reporting on this year’s jubilee edition of EuCNC2016 here.

Commissioner OETTINGER welcomes 5G Manifesto

On 7th Jul, 2016, Commissioner Oettinger welcomed the 5G Manifesto presented by key players in the telecoms industry and sectors which will use 5G technologies and services in the future. The manifesto is a valuable input for the 5G Action Plan that will be presented in September, together with the proposal for the review of the telecom regulatory framework.

For more information, please visit here.

Commission signs agreement with industry on cybersecurity and steps up efforts to tackle cyber-threats

On 5th July, 2016, the Commission launched a new public-private partnership on cybersecurity that is expected to trigger EUR 1.8 billion of investment by 2020. This is part of a series of new initiatives to better equip Europe against cyber-attacks and to strengthen the competitiveness of its cybersecurity sector.

Read more..

3rd Fed4FIRE-GENI Research Experiment Summit (FGRE 2016), Ghent, 11-15th July, 2016

Please find below an invitation to the 3rd Fed4FIRE-GENI Research Experiment Summit (FGRE 2016). This event will be held in Ghent, Belgium on July 11-15, 2016.


We have the pleasure to announce the 3rd Fed4FIRE-GENI Research Experiment Summit (FGRE 2016). This event will be held in Ghent, Belgium on July 11-15, 2016. It consists of tutorials, hands-on experiments, and team projects. The summit will provide participants opportunities to learn and use the various resources and tools available in Fed4FIRE and GENI environment.

Undergraduate and graduate students, faculty member at different-level colleges and researchers from industry (both SME and large companies) are welcome to participate. The program and some information is in the attached flyer.

For registration, please, send an email to and fill in the form available at

Location: iMinds – Ghent University, Congrescentrum Het Pand (Ghent centre), Onderbergen 1, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

For further information and agenda, please, visit the following website: .

Best regards

Halid Hrasnica

(on behalf of Fed4FIRE project)

Online survey to identify R&I priorities for Europe and North America (US and Canada)

Please see below for details on contributing towards Transatlantic R&I priorities.

Dear colleagues,

This message is an invitation to participate in the DISCOVERY online survey to identify R&I priorities for Europe and North America (US and Canada) cooperation in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

If you haven’t done so already, we invite you to fill in the questionnaire by 22 June. The questionnaire is available online at and it will take no longer than 10 minutes.

Individual responses will be kept absolutely confidential and the survey results will be made available to all respondents at the DISCOVERY website

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you very much for your input!

Best regards,

Yolanda Ursa

DISCOVERY Project Coordinator


1st meeting of the H2020 FIF held during Net Futures 2016

The 1st meeting of the Horizon 2020 Future Internet Forum of Member States and Associated Countries (H2020 FIF), held on 21st April, 2016, was co-located with the Net Futures 2016 event to enable cross fertilisation between both events. The meeting was chaired by Mário CAMPOLARGO, Director Net Futures, European Commission, DG CONNECT.

The morning agenda focused on highlights and achievements of the FIF, and the recent renewal process of the H2020 FIF. The afternoon sessions of the meeting focused on the status of the FIWARE programme, including the results of the Open Service Platforms Working Group (OSP-WG) of FIF members set up at the FIF meeting held during ICT 2015 in Lisbon during October, 2015 and the launch of FIWARE Foundation; 5G-PPP status update and action plan and formation of a new H2020 FIF Working Group on 5G; and the European Cloud Initiative that comprises a European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and European Data Infrastructure (EDI), and the formation of a H2020 FIF WG on Data/Cloud.

The H2020 FIF meeting was supported by the ceFIMS-CONNECT project.

H2020 FIF Meeting


How to make the most out of your Net Futures 2016 experience!

The Net Futures organising committee has provided valuable information on how to get the most out of your experience at Net Futures 2016 next week! Here are some practical details they have provided delegates to prepare!

The programme has developed nicely, including

  • keynote speeches from European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Günther H. Oettinger, as well as Willem Jonker (EIT Digital), Lise Fuhr (ETNO), Jim Kurose (National Science Foundation), Susana Sargento (Veniam), Manoel de Fonseca (Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology), Ulf Ewaldsson (Ericsson), Michela Magas (Stromatolite), Mats Granryd (GSMA) and Eduardo Navarro (Telefónica);
  • 9 workshops to stir the debate on 5G, cloud, IoT, experimentation, entrepreneurship, digital skills and much more;
  • a state-of-the-art exhibition with dozens of showcases on European research & innovation with thematic demo tours to show you around;
  • Startup Europe Village with startup-corporate matchmaking and 25 best-in-class startups to get to know;
  • Coding Jam action on site;

And of course hundreds of key decision makers, policy makers and innovators for you to meet.

You can start networking now, thanks to our conference networking app Fuseami – providing both conference information and allowing you to connect to conference attendees based on a best match with your professional profile:

  • Download for Apple or Android (phone or tablet);
  • Login with your existing LinkedIn account;
  • Select and join the Net Futures 2016 event;
  • Review the suggested connections and connect with those that interest you most;
  • Once both users have opted to connect, you can send a chat message and make notes all from within the app;
  • Access the agenda and other event information.

       Download Now: APP STOREGOOGLE PLAY

Because of the current level of security in Belgium, only people with a conference ticket and a valid ID will be allowed in the building.

You can find updated information on the accessibility of Brussels airport (which is now operational almost at full capacity again), alternative travel and hotel recommendations here.

Feel free to help us grow the crowd even more by promoting #netfutures16 in your own network!

All the best,

The Net Futures organising committee

Net Futures 2016
Wednesday, 20 April 2016 at 09:00 – Thursday, 21 April 2016 at 13:00 (CEST)
Venue: The Egg
Rue Bara 175
1070 Brussels

iMinds The Conference, 28/04, Brussels – Your guide to exciting digital opportunities

iMinds The Conference will be held on 28th April, 2016 in Brussels and will delve into the biggest digital trends and technologies of the future.

It is sure to be an eye-opening experience with the opportunities of the Internet of Things, the power of data, online privacy & security, and more.

To see the program, visit here.

Registration for Net Futures 2016 conference, 20 & 21 April

There is still time left to register for the Net Futures 2016 conference being held on 20 & 21st April in Brussels. See letter below from Mário Campolargo, Director CONNECT/E “Net Futures”. European Commission.

Dear Net Futures Community,

There are still a few days left to register for Net Futures 2016 conference. Are you ready ?

In addition to the high-level speakers, tracks and session I mentioned in my previous emails, there will also be side events running in parallel throughout the Net Futures 2016 conference:

Startup Europe Village will host a matching event, where selected startups will have the chance to meet and network one-on-one with corporate investors. For startups and investors alike, it will also be a great opportunity to be in the same place as many other Future Internet market players. The Village will also offer information, training and discussion sessions designed especially for the Net Futures event.

Do you understand the ideas behind games and gamification? JamToday network will explain the difference between serious and applied games during short hands-on Jam Sessions, where you will learn how to use Jam Today’s GameScope tool. In the other Jam Session, the project No One Left Behind will present its Pocket Code: a development environment where students can learn how to program by creating games/apps directly on their smartphone.

We’ll also walk you through our Exhibition of successful projects, a showcase of more than 25 booths with a variety of innovative results from projects and project clusters bringing European research forward in IoT, 5G, cloud computing and in areas like smart cities and FIWARE technology.

There will be guided thematic tours through the exhibition which you can book at registration.Only 8 days left until the conference begins – registration is still open here.

Looking forward to seeing you very soon at Net Futures 2016 !

Best regards,
Mário Campolargo
European Commission
Director CONNECT/E “Net Futures”

Tracks and sessions at Net Futures 2016, 20 & 21 April

Please see below a message from Mário Campolargo, Director CONNECT/E “Net Futures”, European Commission describing the structure of the three tracks and other detailos about Net Futures 2016, being held on 20-21st April, 2016. The venue of Net Futures 2016 is The Egg Brussels, Rue Bara 175, 1070 Bruxelles, Belgium

Dear Net Futures Community,

After the presentation of the conference as such and plenary speakers, let me give you now a brief tour of this year’s parallel sessions of our Net Futures 2016 conference :

As you may already know, the conference is structured around three tracks:

  1. Developing standards & Interoperability
  2. Making the most of the Data Economy
  3. Democratising the Internet

The blue track , as the title suggests, will provide insights into interoperability and standardisation by offering sessions on IoT and 5G standards and the use of experimental facilities, like FIRE, for benchmarking and interoperability.

The orange track will address challenges within the growing data economy, such as the European Free Flow of Data initiative which is part of the Digital Single Market strategy announced by the Commission last year. Software is considered to be strategically important and, in one of the sessions, its impact on the radical transformation of the economy and industry will be explored.

The green track is, in my opinion, the most ‘market-ready’ track of our conference: panellists will debate the opportunities of the sharing economy, FIWARE will explain their open platform technology and the benefits of their ecosystem and, last but not least, we will reflect on possible solutions to fill the digital skills gap in ICT.

Furthermore there will be an entire session dedicated to international co-operation on experimenting for the Future Internet: giving you an overview of the funded collaboration between Europe, US, Brazil and Japan, and real examples showing how global experimentation can enable innovation.

So which session appeals most to you? I recommend you take a closer look at the descriptions and the speakers before making your selection. You can register online now here.

See you soon!

Best regards,
Mário Campolargo
European Commission
Director CONNECT/E “Net Futures”



eIDAS high-level event on new trust services for a Digital Single Market, 30th June, 2016

An eIDAS high-level event entitled “A big leap in the eIDAS journey: new trust services for a Digital Single Market” is being held on 30 June, 2016, in Brussels, Belgium.

This event occurs just ahead of the 1st July 2016 milestone, when the new rules on trust services under the eIDAS Regulation will come into effect in the 28 EU Member States, repealing the 15 year-old eSignature Directive and modernising the legal framework for trust services. This will be a turning point in the eIDAS journey and another big milestone towards a Digital Single Market.

The event, which will see the participation of European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip (@Ansip_EU), will bring together visionary private sector leaders and policy decision makers to discuss the opportunities that the new eIDAS rules will bring and how to seize them in achieving a Digital Single Market. They will share experiences, business models and success stories on how make the use of electronic trust services an everyday reality and the easiest and most convenient way to carry out electronic transactions.

It is necessary to register for the event at

Secure Societies Info Day in Brussels on 5-6th April, 2016

There is a Secure Societies Information day in Brussels being held in Brussels on 5-6th April, 2016. The venue is Sheraton Brussels Hotel, Place Rogier, 1210, Brussels, Belgium.

The event is organized by the Network of Secure Societies National Contact Points – SEREN3, in collaboration with the European Commission. This information day and brokerage event gives details on the calls for proposals H2020-CIP 2016, H2020-SEC 2016 and H2020-DS-2016, published on 15 March 2016 under the societal challenge Secure Societies – Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens.

Additional information is available at



FIRE Board meeting on 21st April, 2016 co-located with Net Futures 2016

The next meeting of the FIRE Board is being held in the afternoon of 21st April, 2016, co-located with Net Futures, 2016.

If you are a member of the FIRE board, please register for the FIRE board meeting ASAP at

Welcome to Net Futures 2016 Conference, 20-21 April, Brussels !

Please find below a letter from Mário Campolargo, Director CONNECT/E “Net Futures” regarding the Net Futures 2016 conference.

Dear Net Futures Community,

Last November we announced our Net Futures 2016 conference and asked you to ‘Save the Dates’ 20-21 April 2016!

We are pleased to inform you that the conference programme is now available on our website together with details of many of the confirmed speakers (with more to come!) and the various side events.

Please have a look and see what is in store at this year’s event. This year’s theme, “Driving Growth in the #DigitalSingleMarket”, threads through most of the conference sessions and activities.

High-level speakers from the European Commission, including our Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society, Günther H. Oettinger, as well as Chief Executives from Ericsson, Telefónica, ETNO and EIT Digital will address the audience during both plenary sessions.

Feel free to forward this invitation to your contacts who may be interested in coming to Net Futures 2016 to share their views and perspectives and gain inspiration. Registration is now open at

We look forward to seeing you again at Net Futures 2016 in Brussels!

Best regards,

Mário Campolargo

European Commission

Director CONNECT/E “Net Futures”

Check out ongoing FIRE calls

Check on-going FIRE Open Calls at:, including:

  • The 5th Fed4FIRE Open Call for SME Experimenters (Submission deadline: 09 March 2016, at 17:00 Brussels local time. Feasibility check deadline: 02 March 2016, at 17:00 Brussels local time.9th March, 2016);
  • The 1st RAWFIE Open Call for recipients of financial support (deadline: 14 March 2016 (Monday), at 17:00 CET (Brussels local time);
  • FORGE – FP7 project (The fourth and final round of the FORGE Open Call will remain open until the end of September 2016);
  • H2020 Monroe Project (deadline: Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 17:00h CET (Brussels time)

Open Calls – Coming soon


The first ORGANICITY Open Call was launched in January 2016, when one third of the funds will be released. Companies and others interested can apply for funds from a total budget of 1.5 million DKK to be distributed among Aarhus experiments.

More information:

The first FIESTA Testbeds and Experiments Open Call for Building Capacities in FIESTA will be open in Q1 2016.

The first Open Call will be looking for IoT testbed facilities and test experiments to proof-use the current ongoing tools in FIESTA for registering testbeds and annotating data.​

1.5M Euro distributed in two 2016 Calls (targeting Q1, Q3) and looking at 10 Testbeds and 10 Experiments respectively.

FIESTA Open Call and Available Budget (overheads inclusive)
1) “IoT Testbed facilities”, 100 kEUR budget for supporting 5 testbeds extending the FIESTA community in the framework of FIESTA objectives.
Category 2) “Experiments in IoT”, 50 kEUR budget for supporting at least 5 experiments/experimenters in the framework of FIESTA objectives.

More information will be available at: 

NEM General Assembly, Brussels, 15th March, 2016 – registration until 7th March, 2016

The next General Assembly of the New European Media (NEM) Technology Platform will be held in Brussels on 15 March, 2016.

The NEM Initiative was established as one of the European Technology Platforms under the Seventh Framework Programme, and is now one of the official Technology Platforms of Horizon 2020, aiming at fostering the convergence between consumer electronics, broadcasting and telecoms in order to develop the emerging business sector of networked and electronic media.

The agenda of the NEM General Assembly being held on 15th March, 2016, has been released. Please click this link to read more about location and agenda.

Registration (link) is now open for the NEM GA; However, deadline is 7th March 2016 for registering.

On 16 March 2016, also in Brussels, the European Commission is organising an Info Day in Media and Content Convergence (link) for potential applicants to the call for proposals ICT19-2017 (link).

The call addresses “Media and content convergence” to support the Media Industries under the EU Research & Innovation programme Horizon 2020. Please note before booking travel for this Info Day event on 16th March that registration  is currently wait-listed only due to high demand. 

FIRE STUDY kick-off: empowering the FIRE+ ecosystem growth!

The FIRE STUDY project has just started at the beginning of February 2016.

This project, which is led and coordinated by Martel and gathers several partners including Create-Net, InterInnov, IT innovation and UPM, will support and coordinate activities across the the overall FIRE Programme following up on various specific activity streams that will be discussed and presented in more details to the whole community in the weeks/months to come.

One of the core responsibilities of the FIRE STUDY is to ensure promotion, visibility, dissemination and communication of all ongoing FIRE/FIRE+ activities.

More information on the FIRE Study can be found at

and by staying tuned on the FIRE channel – more to come!

Tech Startup Day 2016 in Brussels on 18th February, 2016 – The Egg- Brussels

Please find an update from Karen Boers

Join me along 700+ #BeTech founders building the future at Tech Startup Day 2016
Meet Belgium’s biggest community of tech entrepreneurs, live! Take a look at the exciting speaker line-up, agenda and book your spot at See you on February 18th 2016, at The Egg- Brussels:

Original Post:

EuCNC 2016 – New Firm Deadline: 26 February 2016 – Extensions to the Call for Papers/Workshops/Tutorials/Posters/Special-sessions

European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC 2016), the key event for EU Network Technologies sponsored research being held in Athens, Greece on 27-30th June, 2016, has extended the deadline to 26th February, 2016 for the submission of papers as explained in the message below & in the attached pdf linked below.

Dear Colleagues,

EuCNC 2016 (European Conference on Networks and Communications) is the 25th edition of a successful series of technical/scientific conferences, open to the world research community, sponsored also by the European Commission, with a focus that ranges from the physical layer to all types of supported applications. Particular focus in this edition will be on 5G technologies.

This year’s motto is: “The dawn of 5G

Aspects of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Air interfaces (PHY, MAC, RRM, respective developments towards 5G).
  • Optical communications/networks (access/core technologies, signal processing, components, etc.).
  • Software defined infrastructures (SDN, NFV, orchestration, etc.).
  • Management technologies (physical/virtualized resource management, predictive technologies, resilience and security, learning and self-optimization, cognition, architectures and standards).
  • Converging concepts (IoT/M2M, CPS, embedded and nanoscale systems, cloud/edge/fog computing, OTT, etc.).
  • Business aspects, vertical sectors, applications/services.
  • Testbeds and experiments.

EuCNC 2016 will be held in Athens, Greece, on June 27 - 30, 2016.

All the information is available at

The conference will include:

  • Regular sessions with papers (to appear in IEEEXplore).
  • A very large technology and demonstration exhibition, mainly centered around 5G technologies.
  • Workshops, special sessions, panels covering technology and business aspects.
  • Keynote talks from world renowned leaders.
  • Extended networking opportunities.

We are inviting you and your colleagues to submit papers, and proposals for workshops, tutorials, special sessions, or posters, by the:
NEW FIRM DEADLINE: the 26th of February 2016

For paper submissions you can press here.

Further useful links for your submissions:

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions.

Please find PDF file with additional information –> EuCNC2016-CfP firm extension.

Best regards

Panagiotis Demestichas, University of Piraeus, Greece
Emmanuel Protonotarios, ICCS/NTUA, Greece
Technical Program CoChairs, EuCNC 2016

UK Petras IoT Hub opens with support from academic world and EPSRC

On 6th January, 2016, Ed Vaizey, Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, announced a new interdisciplinary Research Hub to drive forward United Kingdom’s  research activities in the Internet of Things (IoT). Entitled the PETRAS IoT Hub, the consortium of nine leading UK universities will work together over the next three years to explore critical issues in privacy, ethics, trust, reliability, acceptability, and security.

Funding for the Hub includes a £9.8 million grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), which will be boosted by partner contributions to approximately £23 million in total.

The project is part of IoTUK, an integrated £40 million, three-year, Government programme that seeks to advance the UK’s global leadership in IoT and increase the adoption of high quality IoT technologies and services throughout businesses and the public sector.

The Hub is a consortium of nine leading universities led by UCL with Imperial College London, University of Oxford, University of Warwick, Lancaster University, University of Southampton, University of Surrey, University of Edinburgh and Cardiff University. The Hub will draw in substantial support and leverage from over 47 partners from industry and the public sector.

The PETRAS IoT Hub will focus on five themes:

  • Privacy and trust (Lead Universities: Warwick, Oxford)
  • Safety and security (Lead Universities: Imperial, Lancaster)
  • Harnessing economic value (Lead Universities: Imperial, Oxford)
  • Standards, governance and policy (Lead University: UCL)
  • Adoption and acceptability (Lead Universities: Warwick, Lancaster)

Each theme has both a technical and a social science lead. The multidisciplinary nature of the PETRAS IoT Hub’s work will enable research that aims to cause a step change in the way IoT systems are conceived, designed and implemented.

Across these themes, projects sharing core technologies will be linked in cross-cutting constellations:

  • Infrastructure (Lead Universities: UCL, Cardiff, Warwick, Oxford)
  • Health and care (Lead Universities: Imperial, Oxford)
  • Control systems and supply chains (Lead Universities: Warwick, Lancaster, UCL)
  • Ambient environments (Lead Universities: Lancaster, Surrey, Imperial, UCL, Edinburgh)
  • Identification (Lead Universities: Warwick, Oxford)
  • Transport and mobility (Lead Universities: Surrey, Lancaster, Imperial)
  • Design and behaviour (Lead Universities: Warwick, UCL, Oxford)

More information on the recently established Petras IoT Hub can be found at

ZOOM SMART CITIES – Portugal, 18-19th May, 2016

ZOOM SMART CITIES, being held on 18-19th May, 2016, is the event that places Portugal on the international agenda.

It will be a conference that will mark the difference through innovation and communication.

The city of Lisbon hosts the first edition of ZOOM SMART CITIES 2016 at a time when the topic of Smart Cities focuses on the future, innovation and creativity in the ways of promoting sustainable and inclusive urban development.

More information can be found at

Ireland organises a Brussels workshop on “Europe’s Opportunity in Digital Agriculture”, January 14th, 2016

On Thursday, January 14th, 2016, Waterford Institute of Technology’s Telecommunications, Software and Systems Group (TSSG) with their Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) CONNECT Center partners organised a workshop in Brussels with major leaders in policy, industry and academia to explore and discuss “Europe’s Opportunity in Digital Agriculture”.

The EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Phil Hogan, was keynote speaker at the event.

Mr. Phil Hogan, EU Agricultural & Rural Development Commissioner

Mr. Phil Hogan, EU Commissioner for Agricultural & Rural Development

Waterford Institute of Technology’s President, Prof. Willie Donnelly, and Prof. Linda Doyle of Trinity College Dublin and CONNECT also spoke at the event.

The afternoon was organised as a platform for networking and dissemination of H2020 successes and opportunities from National Contact Points, Project Officers, industry and other interested parties who want to get involved in EU research & innovation.

Horizon 2020’s multi-actor and innovation focus requires research institutions, industry and society to come together in new ways. In supporting the drive towards smart farming as an important contributor to feeding growing populations and in line with the overall CAP objectives, “Europe’s Opportunity in Digital Agriculture” specifically aligns with long-term strategic objectives for EU rural development policy from 2014-2020.

The key strategy of the event was the bringing together of stakeholders from both the Agricultural and ICT industries, where common opportunities could be identified and the potential captured as a national strategy geared towards developing an export focused Digital Agriculture industry. Having the opportunity to network with relevant industry players academics, thought leaders and policy makers indeed made this a very worthwhile and successful workshop.

5G PPP Info Day 21 January final programme – Change of registration link!

Dear Colleagues,

We were informed by the EU Commission that the registration link to the 5G PPP Info Day 21 January 2016 has changed.

Please register to the event at the following link:!QH67wd

According to the website, electronic registration is open until January 18, 2016. After registration, you will directly receive a confirmation mail.