Coordinating European Future Internet Research

Are you looking for FUNDING in Future Internet Research and Experimentation? Check on-going FIRE Open Calls

The Future Internet Research & Experimentation – FIRE – facility projects are building a variety of network experimentation infrastructures and tools with different technologies and characteristics. All of the facilities evolve in a demand-driven way – supported through Open Calls: for easier access, testing and extensions to the on-going FIRE projects.

On-going FIRE projects’ Open Calls and their technology areas:

  • TRIANGLE: 5G/IoT experiments and test-bed extensions. Deadline: 31/10/2016.
  • OrganiCity: Experiments to run in the three lead Smart Cities – Aarhus, London and Santander. Deadline: 15/11/2016 (extended).
  • MONROE: Mobile BroadBand (MBB) Experiments and Extensions. Deadline: 2/12/2016.
  • F-Interop: Testbed-as-a-Service – TaaS. Interconnecting three European testbeds federations (Fed4FIRE, OneLab, IoT Lab) to attract projects that develop innovative testing tools and test designs. Deadline: 25/01/2017.

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