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1st meeting of the H2020 FIF held during Net Futures 2016

The 1st meeting of the Horizon 2020 Future Internet Forum of Member States and Associated Countries (H2020 FIF), held on 21st April, 2016, was co-located with the Net Futures 2016 event to enable cross fertilisation between both events. The meeting was chaired by Mário CAMPOLARGO, Director Net Futures, European Commission, DG CONNECT.

The morning agenda focused on highlights and achievements of the FIF, and the recent renewal process of the H2020 FIF. The afternoon sessions of the meeting focused on the status of the FIWARE programme, including the results of the Open Service Platforms Working Group (OSP-WG) of FIF members set up at the FIF meeting held during ICT 2015 in Lisbon during October, 2015 and the launch of FIWARE Foundation; 5G-PPP status update and action plan and formation of a new H2020 FIF Working Group on 5G; and the European Cloud Initiative that comprises a European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and European Data Infrastructure (EDI), and the formation of a H2020 FIF WG on Data/Cloud.

The H2020 FIF meeting was supported by the ceFIMS-CONNECT project.

H2020 FIF Meeting


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