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FIRE Forum 2015, European Experimental Infrastructure Driving Innovation, being held 9th December, 2015

The FIRE Forum 2015, with a banner heading entitled European Experimental Infrastructure Driving Innovation, is being held in Brussels on 9th December, 2015.

The objective of the FIRE Forum is to bring together representatives of all FIRE projects and the Experimental Platforms unit, to discuss technical issues of common interest regarding experimental facilities and (re)define experimentally-driven research to cope with the current demands for innovation. FIRE projects are invited to contribute with the proposed topics for discussion, and by means of panels and breakout sessions, activate productive discussions.

The 2015 FIRE Forum will have a brief organisational session back reporting from the recent Steering Group meetings and preparing the conditions for FIRE’s evolution towards 2020. The involvement and active collaboration of key players from the facility and starting projects are essential to FIRE so it can evolve following multiple paths that provide a coherent and consistent offering, in line with what companies and researchers need today, for paving the way towards FIRE innovation as part of the Horizons 2020 program.

There will be panel sessions in relation to both Networking and Networked Services and Applications, and each panel will invite new projects to present 1-2 slides and then participate in an interactive debate. Key questions to be explored include:

- What challenges are being addressed and how do the address key routes to impact for facility users?

- What technology platforms are emerging for EaaS, what resources are offered and how do they accelerate impact?

- Will projects provide convergent or divergent actions in FIRE+ in terms of both supported ecosystems and technologies?

Additional information on FIRE Forum 2015 can be found here.

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